Interactive Workshops

Imagine a scenario where every team member harmoniously conveys the essence of your problem-solving prowess – it's not just about enhancing your reputation; it's about boosting your bottom line. Enter the Spotted Zebra Private Workshop, a transformative experience that can untangle years of ambiguity in less than 24 hours.

I will work with your company and lead a customized workshop for your team. During the workshop, everyone will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to create a foundational message for all aspects of your business. You’ll then create that message as a team so that everyone leaves the workshop with a shared vision for how to talk about your business.



Your team needs to be aligned around a clear message. I can help. Click 'Cost' to book your workshop.

Choose a Date

Workshops take place over an entire day. Block off those calendars, and let’s do this!

Enjoy the Workshop

Create a foundational message for your business and unlock your team’s potential.

Workshop Deliverables:

  • Team unity and alignment
  • A simple, repeatable framework
  • Action items that bring the biggest return
  • A clear value proposition
  • A clear story everyone can tell
  • Years of indecision now resolved
  • Workshop workbook and summary of findings
  • Brand landscape analysis
  • Audit of existing branding and marketing materials
  • Examination of research documentaion
  • Brand strategy and statement of work recomendations

Workshop rates vary depending on location, size of the team, and the expenses involved (i.e., travel and accommodations).

Here's how the price ranges might generally be broken down:

  • I Come To You

  • You Come To Me


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