Jesse Peters


Driving client success and profit through impactful leadership, business process optimization, and dynamic growth strategies.

A driven and passionate leader with an entrepreneurial mindset, consistently delivering more than expected. Known for optimizing for efficiency and big-picture thinking. Confidently navigates, translates, and delivers effective communications between internal and external stakeholders at all levels. An intuitive action mindset effectively determines innovative solutions to complicated business challenges. Natural talent for conversational selling of great products, ideas, and solutions. Respected and supportive servant-leader who understands how to identify and retain exceptional talent. Engages stakeholders and gains buy-in by focusing on each initiative's economic and financial benefits. Exceptional talent for hearing and identifying client pain points and synchronizing those with organizational goals and objectives.


2010 | 7 Flags Event Center
Engaged to revitalize and scale a popular concert and entertainment venue. Challenged with ensuring venue bookings, driving a robust marketing strategy to attract new events, and gaining boots-on-the-ground experience in omnichannel marketing tactics and relationship management.
• Designed a business strategy to grow the business as a potential target for acquisition.

2012 | Appcore & IBM
Recruited to position this cloud technology startup company for eventual acquisition. Challenged with helping secure funding to develop further and position the business. Oversaw creative development for the organization, including branding, website, and marketing. Helped scale the team to over 80 employees by the end of the first year in the role, navigating Series A, B, and C funding rounds. Designed all internal and client corporate marketing campaigns, presentations, print, and digital materials.
• Managed creative communications strategy, including customer pitching and storytelling, simplifying messaging around an extremely complex technical offering.
• Designed a new proof of concept and corporate re-brand that helped lead to a significant Series C funding round and eventual company acquisition by IBM.

2013 | Flying Hippo Brand + Digital
Engaged to help integrate a sister company, Push Branding (creative side), into Flying Hippo (technology side). Challenged with integrating the two businesses from a creative perspective, leveraging a deep understanding of the technology side.
• Promoted ongoing retainer services and 12-month marketing packages involving branding and website management, winning buy-in from the leadership team to continue working with client brands.
• Grew the retainer business by $1.5M in annual recurring revenue within six months.
• Spearheaded an initiative to become a HubSpot authorized reseller by 2015 and hired a cross-functional team of six to facilitate marketing programs for inbound marketing retainers.
• Assumed a leadership stance in sales and marketing, selling and managing reoccurring revenue that had previously not existed.

2016 | KELTEK Incorporated
Recruited to help drive growth, assuming sales and marketing accountability to enable the leadership to focus on other areas of the business. Built out sales and marketing functions, including sourcing and hiring a sales team of five and a marketing team of three. Created the sales playbook and forecasted revenue to provide transparency in reporting.
• Identified growth opportunities, Including creating leasing opportunities for technology as a service package and leasing technologies to municipal entities, including bundling technology services, which more than doubled revenue.
• Created a first-of-its-kind in-the-country package, “fleet as a service,” combining technology as a package with the entire vehicle, winning national awards from Ford Motor Company and Panasonic, the technology partner for the program.
• Built out capabilities, services, and replicable models that enabled for-profit sales of the business.

2020 | CFI Solutions
Recruited to build out in-house marketing capabilities to scale the company for growth. Challenged with transitioning a company with 100% outsourced marketing capabilities to a 100% in-house model. Built a marketing team of five and oversaw end-to-end marketing operations across verticals.
• Within 90 days, pitched the board of directors on an initiative to operationalize and rebrand one of three business channels (Wholesale, Retail, and Dealer).
• Helped operationalize each channel and rebranded the Dealer channel with a successful 2020 re-launch. The solution helped the organization survive and grow through the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Built the Axon brand from scratch to now represent 80% of company revenue.
• This solution helped the company move forward with a strategy that grew sales, removed confusion around the brand, and has been recognized as the biggest component in the company's recent success and growth from $30M to over $50M in sales, with customers now viewing the company as a solutions provider, not just a wholesale distributor.

Jesse Peters

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Jesse helped us develop a vocabulary and framework for growing our organization. When we realized the path to growth was through finding an acquisition partner, his positioning and framework helped communicate our value and gave us a vetting mechanism against which to evaluate potential partners. I honestly cannot imagine successfully navigating organizational growth without a partner like Jesse at my side.

Kelly Milligan

CEO and Founder of KELTEK Incorporated
Jesse is an excellent connection & highly regarded in the space. Good human too!

Gregg Rounds

Director of Engineering, Principal Financial Group