Fractional CMO Services

The traditional agency model is broken. Over 12-15 months, I will train you to take control of your sales & marketing so you experience the remarkable results you expect.

I'd rather teach you to fish...

Every situation is different, but here's an example breakdown of the 5-phase proven process I've developed to take your marketing to the next level:


Month One: Onboarding

I want to be onboarded like a new sales representative.

Month Two: Workshop

I will kick off the second month with an executive workshop and work to develop a strategy and conduct a customer survey.

Month Three: Research & Strategy

I will present my research findings and strategy for the next 12 months.

Month Four: KPIs

I will continue data and process gathering and establish a KPI reporting dashboard and begin a Martech evaluation.

Month Five: Budget

I will evaluate the current marketing budget and develop a 12-month revenue-focused marketing budget plan.

Month Six: Roadmap

I will identify tactical production gaps and production requirements to reach our KPIs and officially take over the marketing budget.

Months Seven - Nine: Execution

I will be focused on marketing production and execution using the following monthly cycle:

Produce ⇨ Deploy ⇨ Measure ⇨ Optimize ⇨ Repeat

I will continue the execution framework above for the duration of this step along with:

Month Ten: Human Resources

During my initial execution phase, I will use the findings to identify and recommend any Human Resource additions. I will also begin the development of an onboarding playbook for future hiring needs.

Month 11: Hiring

I will publish necessary job postings, evaluate marketing candidates, and negotiate job packages.

Month 12: Onboarding

I will utilize the newly developed onboarding playbook to execute the orientation and training of any new marketing hires.

Months 13 -15: Management

I will continue to train and develop the newly hired marketing team to utilize: produce, deploy, measure, report, and optimize to execute all marketing functions.


Before we talk pricing, it's important to establish a few non-negotiables. Our process has been tested and proven IF our clients meet certain criteria:


My process is best aligned for companies with a minimum of $5 Million in top-line revenue and preferably a 3-year goal to get to $10+ Million.


Must be able to provide a physical or virtual working space. I need the ability to incorporate into your business operations fully.


What gets measured, gets managed. We require full access to any existing sales and marketing performance data.


You have to be spending something on marketing. Even if you don't know where all of your marketing dollars are going, that's okay.

My packages are designed around a 15-month process. Pricing is based on what internal marketing resources you are bringing to the table.

I require a 90-day deposit. After that, you pay monthly for the remaining 12 months. I never require a contract; if you ever feel like I'm not returning the promised value and progress, fire me at any time.

Otherwise, I'll work myself out of a job in 15 months anyway!

  • Arch Package

    $8,000 / mo.
    This package is for companies with four or more full-time marketing employees.
  • Truss Package

    $10,000 / mo.
    This package is for companies with one to three full-time marketing employees.
  • Cantaliever Package

    $12,500 / mo.
    This package is for companies with zero full-time marketing employees.

Space is extremely limited!

I only take on two fractional clients at a time. I have one open spot left for 2024.

Please fill out the form as thoroughly as possible, as that will help me know the urgency and scope of your needs.