Website Design & Development

Many businesses mistakenly consider their websites as bridges they build once and leave untouched for years.

However, the most successful companies treat their websites like well-maintained bridges. They continuously inspect, repair, and upgrade them, ensuring they remain robust and reliable elements of their sales strategy.

In conjunction with designing and constructing your new website, my Website Mastery program equips your team to become self-sufficient bridgekeepers. You'll learn how to inspect and maintain the structure, optimize its performance, and ensure a smooth journey for users, leading to improved lead generation and, ultimately, greater revenue.

What’s Included with a New Website?

Website Audit

Which web pages and content are presently in place? What elements are absent? What's effective, and what's not? Web Mastery commences by collaborating with your team to conduct a thorough audit of your current website, diagnosing the necessary steps to attain your marketing and sales objectives.

Website Strategy

Keeping your marketing and sales objectives at the forefront, I formulate tailored strategies for your website's core pages. This encompasses refining messaging, optimizing layouts, enhancing conversion points, incorporating videos, and more – all to ensure your website becomes the most effective sales asset it can be.

Website Messaging

I will instruct your team to harness the fundamental principles of the StoryBrand, and They Ask, You Answer frameworks. This guidance will empower you to effectively and succinctly communicate your business's offerings throughout your website, spanning all its sections.

Knowledge Hub

The optimal approach for delivering various content types to your website visitors is what I refer to as a "Knowledge Hub." Within this hub, you can house your blog articles, videos, downloadable resources, and more. This centralized approach leads to noticeable improvements in critical website metrics such as time-on-site, page views, and qualified conversions.

Agile Design & Development

Prioritizing key touchpoints enables a swift launch, facilitating the collection of valuable user data for refining and enhancing future updates. After the site goes live, I will train your team in the art of analyzing website performance. I'll provide guidance on making gradual adjustments to enhance your outcomes.

Website Health Optimization

Being able to analyze the health of your website is paramount. I'll empower your team with the skills and confidence to expertly assess and make sound decisions based on the data you collect. This invaluable data is derived from tools, including HubSpot, Hotjar, LuckyOrange, Semrush, and Google Analytics 4.

What Does the Process Look Like?



I start by understanding your specific hurdles to assess if I can help you. This includes determining whether a website redesign is truly the issue.

We'll discuss:
1.) Content creation for your team.
2.) CMS choice (HubSpot CMS or WordPress).
3.) In-house site management.
4.) Special functionality needs.

Design & Development


With the scope defined, I will initiate a discovery session. Here, I will delve into your content, user touchpoints, and user journey gaps. Then, I move to design and page strategy, envisioning the site's aesthetics and user flow. Once design approval is secured, I transition to developing functional web pages.

Launch & Training


I start by getting the essential website pages up and running, usually within four months.

After the launch, I can begin collecting visitor data to fine-tune the existing pages and build the rest of your site. At the same time, I'll provide your team with training on managing and updating your new website effectively.

Website pricing and ongoing optimization services can vary wildly with respect to costs, as many factors will drive the overall budget.

Specifically, here are some of the factors that will affect pricing:
  1. Your site's overall size and scale and how much content needs to be created, migrated, or optimized.
  2. The knowledge your team has in key areas such as conversion optimization, behavioral data review, and SEO best practices.
  3. Customizations are needed for your specific business model or tools required for launch.

With that in mind, over a 3-6 month timeframe, a client will typically invest:

  • Low End

  • High End


In addition to the monthly investment, there is a one-time $1,500 commitment fee at the beginning of our engagement.

Buyer Beware...

Typically, “you get what you pay for” with website redesigns.

There’s always a cheaper way to do things when it comes to your website. Unfortunately, that usually leads to additional work needed or lackluster results because lower costs may come with inexperienced people doing the work or cutting corners to help drive better margins.

I'm an expert with a track record of driving real website growth and can train your team to keep it growing — helping you keep costs down over the long term.

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