Hey there, fellow business owner from Central Iowa! Ever feel like your team is stuck in a sales rut? You know, when you’re trying to convince someone to buy your awesome product or service but feel like you’re hitting a brick wall? Let’s talk about a game-changing strategy that might just turn things around for
Hey there, business owners! Have you ever felt like you’re juggling short-term wins and long-term success like a pro wrestler in the ring? Well, you’re not alone. Picture this: You’re running your business, maybe even overlooking the serene Des Moines River. You know the value of hard work and persistence as a business owner. But
Why is having a front-row seat the most coveted seat at a performance? Because you get to see the nuanced details of emotion the performers deliver. As the owner of a consulting business focused on building, scaling, and educating in sales and marketing operations, I’ve had a front-row seat to a detail I believe could
In the annals of marketing history, there came a time when we, the marketers, gazed upon Marketing Executives with a deep reverence. Those were the days of legend, but alas, they have faded into the mists of time. Not because our purpose waned but because we found ourselves entangled in chains of ink and numbers,