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My engaging sessions will be a sturdy bridge between your audience and a world of valuable insights. I'll bridge the gap, connecting your event attendees with the knowledge and expertise they crave, inspiring them to conquer new horizons.


Note: This is BY FAR my most popular session!
Great brands are built on emotion. That emotional connection draws consumers and keeps them loyal despite competition. Learn from real-world experiences how to build a brand identity to stand out from the pack—and be a spotted zebra. The session will uncover emotional connections and define an irresistible voice for your perfect customer.


I will lead your audience in an exploration of the evolution of buyers and the essential strategies modern sales professionals need to employ. I will unlock the secrets behind the evolving buyer behavior and discover how today's salespeople are transforming into trusted advisors, redefining the future of successful selling.


I delve into the art of leveraging the StoryBrand Framework, where the power of storytelling meets strategic marketing. We will explore how this proven methodology can revolutionize your messaging, captivate your audience, and supercharge your results.


Keynotes or breakout sessions of any size, anywhere in the world.

Peer Groups

Such as CEO meetups, user groups, or masterminds.

Private Sessions

Including company workshops or local events.

Podcast and Shows

For interviews, discussions, debates, or storytelling.

Virtual Events

Webinars, virtual summits, or any other digital educational event.

Speaking rates vary depending on the topic requested and the expenses involved (i.e., travel and accommodations). However, I may speak for free, depending on the location, audience, and opportunity. 

Here's how the price ranges might generally be broken down:

  • Short Talk or Breakout Session

  • Keynote Session


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