The Most Powerful Phrase in Sales

In the world of sales, we’re often taught to be persuasive, convincing, and quick on our feet. While these skills are undeniably important, one crucial aspect often gets overlooked: listening. Imagine you’re in a doctor’s office seeking relief from an ailment that’s been bothering you for a while. The doctor enters the room armed with knowledge
What sets your brand apart from the competition? Sure, you might offer quality products and excellent customer service, but so does everyone else. What is it that keeps your customers coming back for more? That something is often a brand’s unique point of view. 1. Why is having a point of view essential for a
Times are tough, and they’re getting more challenging. Is. Is your business leaning into targets and chasing numbers or motivating the people who have helped you and your organization along the way? In this article, I want to make the case for why your organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values should be more important than ever
Introduction: Every week, I sit down with fellow executives and business leaders, sipping on a cup of coffee or sharing a meal. One burning question seems to come up lately – whether to focus our business growth vertically or horizontally. As I engage in these conversations, I can’t help but notice the passion and diverse