Have you flown recently? It sucks. From the booking process, the hidden fees, the check-in process, and operational nightmares, gone are the days of the “friendly skies.”  So many businesses are experiencing the same perils as the airline industry. Think about it; when was the last time you experienced unexpectedly great customer service? It’s incredibly
Once upon a time, in a world where everything seemed to blend like the countless grains of sand on a vast beach, businesses faced a formidable challenge – the rise of commoditization. As products and services grew increasingly similar in quality and function, the battle for consumer attention shifted towards a relentless focus on price.
In digital marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising remains one (of many) levers a brand can pull to increase its online presence and direct targeted traffic to its websites. A contentious strategy in this realm is whether or not to allow third-party agencies to siphon your PPC budget into branded search terms. While some tout it as
I’ve been quiet lately, but that’s for a good reason. I’ve recently stepped into a new role as the Sales & Marketing Director for a new company. Any time I step into a new position, I’m filled with enthusiasm and ideas for how to make my mark on the organization.